Kelantan / 吉兰丹

吉兰丹(马来语:Kelantan)是马来西亚在马来半岛东海岸的一个州。首府为“哥打巴鲁”(Kota Bharu),北接泰国,东北为南中国海,西接霹雳州,南临彭亨州以及东南为登嘉楼州。吉兰丹国号为Darul Naim,意为幸福之邦。吉兰丹州是马来西亚农业重镇,同时也是马来文化的摇篮,有马来西亚最多的史前遗迹。


Kelantan is a state of Malaysia. The capital and royal seat is Kota Bharu. The Arabic honorific of the state is Darul Naim, ("The Blissful Abode").

Kelantan is positioned in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. It is bordered by Narathiwat Province of Thailand to the north, Terengganu to the south-east, Perak to the west, and Pahang to the south. To the north-east of Kelantan is the South China Sea.

Kelantan is located in the north-eastern corner of the peninsula, Kelantan, which is said to translate as the "Land of Lightning" (see alternate theories below), is an agrarian state with lush paddy fields, rustic fishing villages and casuarina-lined beaches. Kelantan is home to some of the most ancient archaeological discoveries in Malaysia, including several prehistoric aboriginal settlements.

Due to Kelantan's relative isolation and largely rural lifestyle, Kelantanese culture differs somewhat from Malay culture in the rest of the peninsula; this is reflected in the cuisine, arts, and the peculiar Kelantanese Malay dialect, which is unintelligible even for some speakers of standard Malay.